About Us

Forest View Public School is located in Oshawa, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Mission statement

At Forest View Public School we will ENGAGE in taking risks to develop a community of problem solvers, critical thinkers and life-long learners.  We will PERSIST by empowering one another through listening to each other’s voices and igniting personal power.  We will develop our curiosity to INQUIRE into real and relevant world issues.  We will CREATE a safe, collaborative and respectful environment that will foster the development of our leaders of tomorrow.  Together we will make a difference.   


Principal’s message

Welcome to Forest View Public School!

I would like to welcome you to our school.  It is the people in our community, not the building, that truly make us a school. Without all of you - the students, parents, guardians, staff, volunteers - we wouldn’t exist. 

Forest View Public School is in its' fifth year of operation in Oshawa. This year is our third year in our new location at 285 Grandview Street, South. Our school houses 475 students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8, and provides many diverse academic, sports, arts, and other clubs and activities to encourage maximum involvement by all students.

Our journey thus far has been collaborative. Working with the community we selected the school’s name and then the students selected our school colours and mascot.  The students selected the lime green and black phoenix to represent new beginnings and rising up to meet any challenges that we may face. 

The staff continue to create the environment where all can succeed. We set high expectations for all learners and strive to work together with all community members to ensure success for all. We are achieving our goals when students arrive at our doors ready to learn, set high academic, social and emotional goals for themselves, and when they demonstrate respect for themselves, their school, and all of the people who they meet.

Parents play an active role at Forest View Public School and we have a number of volunteer opportunities available to parents that support student activities. As our school motto states, we engage, persist, inquire and create – together we are EPIC! 

I encourage everyone to become an active member of our community and make Forest View a great school that continues to grow and improve, one child and one day at a time.